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Advertising and Downsizer

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 18, 06 10:08 am    Post subject: Advertising and Downsizer Reply with quote

We are happy to advertise :

Craft Products
We support a 'make your own' approach, and a small/local producer ethos, any such producers may advertise. Any potential advertiser would need to show concern about using ethically sourced, environmentally-friendly components.

Plant Products

A huge part of Downsizing is growing our own food. We therefore welcome ads for seeds, plants, herbs and plant-derived products, as long as no therapeutic claims made (other than as a matter of 'passing historical interest') .Though most herbs are reputed to have some medicinal effects, we will not accept ads from anyone whose primary business is selling plants or plant derivatives for their therapeutic qualities. Adverts for non food plant products are also welcome.

Food Products
Small, principled producers of extensively reared meat and dairy products, as well as small scale sellers of their own produced processed foodstuffs, other individuals and organisations that sell general foodstuffs that have a strong sourcing policy.

Small service providers such as IT, translation, graphic design, garden design & maintenance, as well as instructional courses such as farming, forestry, conservation, foraging, self help etc. Repair and maintenace services for electrical and mechanical equipment may also advertise.

Please note that where the service provider is legally obliged to obtain training and/or accreditation, then it is the potential customer's responsibility to satisfy themselves that this has taken place.

Other Products
Adverts from individuals known to staff members of Downsizer may be considered.

What we will NOT advertise
Anything illegal or sex or drug-related, chatlines, dating agencies, ads aimed at children, faith-centred initiatives, financial products and services.

We are not a finance or therapeutically-oriented site and would therefore discourage any advertiser whose main aim is to sell products or services in those areas,. However, we may occasonally allow such ads if we are happy with the product/service and its provider.

Supporting information
Any potential advertiser should email details of what they would like to advertise, together with a brief outline of where it fits in with our advertising policy and why they think it would be useful for our membership, to : ads@downsizer.net

Advertiser site participation
Many of our members like buying products/services through the site because they feel they can easily communicate with the people they are dealing with and get to know the traders as people rather than just as someone to buy something from. We like to encourage this sort of relationship between our members and we feel all parties benefit from it

This means as an advertiser would be strongly encourage you to join in with the various discussions on the site whether they are relevant to your own business or not. This way hopefully you can both help people and learn something for yourself

Rejection policy
Downsizer accepts adverts at its discretion. Adverts and advertisers that generate complaints from members may be removed.

Complaints procedure
Complaints regarding any advertiser should be emailed to ads@downsizer.net . We will endeavour to deal promptly with any issues that arise, but offer no guarantees (financial or otherwise) on the trading practices or quality of advertisers.

Who decides whether I can advertise ?
The vetting group comprises 5 members and is currently led/moderated by Gil. Current members are:


Traders must be registered members and need to be accepted unanimously to gain approval. You will be advised of the outcome by a member of the Vetting group.

If you have been denied advertising, you may be reassessed at the discretion of the group if you can demonstrate a substantive change to your offer.

Once approved traders are free to upload/change banners as they wish, though full page ads still need to be edited/approved prior to publishing. The banner needs to be a 468x60 static graphic, animated graphics are not allowed. Approved traders will be expected to make an introductory post in the relevant section of the forums and answer questions from members. Failure to do so may lead to the advertisement being withdrawn.[/b]

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