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chook language and happiness
be careful with poultry
release the chooks
Chickens for the Table course
chooks are special
i miss chooks
Any ideas please
Do chickens eat clematis?
Question inspired by Shrek!
The Chicken who thinks she is a parrot
Bloody Fox
Some people have parrots
Chicken Names
One duck left...
Little cluckers
Fox Killing Chickens
What are the dark bits inside the back of cooked poultry?
Sex linked, coloured eggs
Backyard chicken-keeping
egg incubator
Donald or Donella ?
chooks get a nice big up
Best source 12g wire?
Oven ready
Geese help please
mulling over my table bird flock
Poultry Keeping Courses
Chickens cooties
Poor Chicken
Bird Brains
Photos of my Guinea Fowl Monsterlets
Ross Cobb meat birds
Transylvanian Naked Necks
New bird flu - lancs
Incubator reared growers
Bloody Cheek !
Attack Turkey
come out , come out wherever you are
Chick hatching questions
a very huge chook
Old time poultry
Do you have security cameras watching over your chicken?
Sorted ! ( well sort of :) )
Pretty Henhouse and run for sale.
DEFRA bird flu risk zone map
Just like Christmas !
Giving up keeping hens......
Just had a visit.
Anyone for a spot of improvisation ?
Why me?
Red mite mites
Oh Shit !
Utility Dinners.
Hard times indeed !
Put your birds inside
Chicken run questions
The Class of 2016
Do I want ducks?
Variation on a rat problem
Fox resistant run entrance
I moved the fox trap.
Last night- Lots of photos.
How many chickens to brood an egg?
Despatch/Pluck/Dress course
What the heck !
Silkies in the rain
Single quail
Ducks and Red Mite?
Finishing cockerels
Messy eaters
Changing food and moulting
Salmon faverolle bantam cockerel ftgh
how many chickens?
duck and chicken eggs
Sand for chicken pen?
Ex battery hens
Introducing more quail
I think I killed the Iron Chicken
Marans for the pot
Green egg yolks
Broody goose advice, please?
Injured duck eyes
Hello... We are back (and maybe looking for birds)
Chicken Dispute
Looking for birds
Chinese geese?
Here we go again
Have regs changed? Selling goose eggs when gander in flock
FS Khaki Campbell ducklings 7 each
Dear Chickens
Broody Tales
Query ?
Help! Crop bound chicken
Ducks Not Laying
Watery poo - causes?
Tips for building fort knox?
Anyone here keep Leghorn chickens?
Crows and Chicks
I saw this and thought of you...
I've been spending.
Dimensions of a 5kg bag of DIATOMACEOUS EARTH
Poutry Auctions
day old hybrids
Is this true?
Chickens and tapeworms
What sort of hen is this?
hen houses
fox and gun
Brecon Buff Geese?
Broody Hens
Muscovy Duck keeping - advice wanted
Bantams for Egg Colours
Cream Legbar / Araucana whinge
Small incubator recommendations
Quick plug for poultry keeping courses
Hatching eggs wanted.
Duck Advice (part 2)
First goose born....home birth !
Duck advice please
Windy location: breed question - which to have and which not
Life saving suggestions
Red Stop solution
Broken eggs
Spilling food
Children's beginners chicken keeping morning
Local chicks are better?
Ussery A-frame - any thoughts?
Bantam size egg boxes
Incubator question.
Light Sussex.
Need some advice .
New arrivals now with photo
new arrivals
Layers pellets with Flubenvet for worming
Poultry keeping courses
just "did" my first cock
Is it Mareks?
A new breed ??
The Bantam Menace is no more
Chickens and leylandii
Chickens and veg
New chickens at last!
Chicken allergy
Chicken bedding reprise
Newbies .
Ross cobbs
Tesco chicken...
something is killing my ducks
omlet cube
Electric hens?
sex my wyandotte pls
Broody Again
vicious goose
Thinking about ducks (urban garden)
Chicken Keeping course near Leeds/Bradford.
Muscovy chicks
broody hen?
first of many.....
Poor layers / pale livers.
Poorly hen
Ducks and drakes
Laying ducks - FREE to good home, ESSEX 2/3rd Aug
Barley in chook feed
Really Poor Layers...
Beginners chicken keeping, this weekend
Beware - low flying chickens
Am I feeding my hens too much?
what do you use in your broody nests?
Hypothetically Speaking
Well's Poultry warning
Newbie in need of some girls for our lone Cockeral
we need to talk about Daphne
Muscovies in trees?
First ever egg
Get my first girls tomorrow...
And again, any ideas on these?!
Consistently broken eggs
poor quality duckling photo
What do you think?
Okay, who left the gate open?
12 hours to go
What type?
Eggshell colour - gone from brown to white...
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