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Chillis Preserved in Oil
Braised Venison for Dinner
Carob Pods
What have you preserved/bottled/dried so far?
An observation on chutneys
bramble jelly, old recipe with new subtleties.
Apricot Butter
the worst banquet ever
Sour Cherries and Blueberries
Elderflower Cordial...addition
pasties, yum yum yum
pheasant help please.
slowish cooked pork
Yorkshire Pudding
prime beer bottles or not?
saffron "jus" for fish
Griddled Corn Cakes
Holiday Cookies
fermenting apple mincemeat
Apple juice, filtered or not?
Help my chutney is too sweet
Smoked Haddock with Beans, Cream & Mustard.
Pasteurizing Apple juice
Cider fermenting
Drying figs
Courgette recipes please?
Plum relish
Bottling space in Surrey
has anyone tried steam distalation?
fruit leather hint.
Blackberry wine
Free Milk Kefir
Elderflower cordial fail!
Gluten Free Bread
Black garlic
Turnips - rescue me with a recipe or two...
Orange and Lime Marmalade ?
Smoked vodka
Chocolate chip cookie recipe wanted.
pressure barrel disaster averted
Harvesting rose hips.
a good year for bramble wine
Home brewing kit in Herefordshire
Deedee's Cranberry Chutney
Sinister kitchen knives.
Bramley Apple glut
Silly vinegar question
Cider Vinegar recipe
Favourite Runner Bean Recipes!
Plastic jam jars?
Breakfast Pancake - American Style
Corn and Chanterelles
Refrigerator Eggplant Pickle
unripe pear windfalls
Mirabelle rum looks cloudy?
How often can you freeze chicken?
How often can you freeze chicken?
Preserving fruit
salt beef the improved version
Making bread from used beer yeast.
Herbal vaporisers.
Cider Vinegar.
Celeriac Rosti with Caper & Celery Salsa
Any of these anygood to you?
Best ever hash browns
Post Burns' Night Croquettes
Chicken and Sausage Cacciatore
Deep Fryers...
Electric Ice Cream Maker Chips
Venison Pate (and Sausages)
Leftover Goose
Bacon Jam
Meat curing
Name for This Type of Pot?
Morello cherries preserved in syrup
Seville Oranges
How long does fudge keep?
Just a whiff of the barmaids apron.
Failed wine.
Not quite a prepper but ?
Rosehip syrup.
Disapointing yield
Any Ideas for Bonfire Night Cocktails
Japonica / Japanese Quince
Cider question
Marrow and beet suggestions please
ageing hams etc
the joy of ex (pig)
Galettes Recipe?
Goat's milk yoghurt
Costing home made produce.
Jelly yesterday
Jelly making
Lazy chilli
Left over pizza dough?
Lactofermented Garlic scapes.
Nut Roast
Where can I buy rennet and how quickly does it work?
Homemade falafel
Neglected Hedgerow Wines
rhubarb and sultana baklava
steak recipe for nick
Making Farmer's Cheese
Best ever chicken soup.
3rd try soup
Coeur de poulet
Chocolate and hazelnut spread
it is pankake day again,what is going in your's?
Black-eyed Bean Feteh
egg recipes for free
Nana's Stuffed Cabbage
Looking for a nutella-type recipe
sri lankan style prawn curry
Abu Zaad's Ful Medames
gardening girl!
What to do with gooey sweets?
So, Christmas food treats?
How long would a softish meringue keep?
Question for Pilsbury Please
Puff !
Chicken livers with red wine, smoked bacon and cherries.
Perennial brassicas
Weird wine !
Pork & Ricotta Meatballs with Cabbage & Lemon
sg/sugar/alcohol tables
pheasant casserole recipe anyone?
easy ginger beer with added barrel recipe
Pasta pasta pasta
Clarification on when to use campden tablets in cider making
i killed another gadget and....
Mint Wine
Egg custard over blackberries (question not recipe)
apple pie beds,a seasonal variation on pigs in blankets
Ready Steady Cook
hand blenders ?
spiced pears
Manky fruit wine?
A Years Cookery
Meat & Potato Pie
apple pressing / pasteurising in south cheshire
Jam help
French bread flour
Gil's jelly article
Chuck roast ideas?
blackberry wines
pemmican the next generation with added photo
Coconut Rice, Very Nice With Jerk Chicken
simple strawberry and rhubarb wine
Jerk Chicken
the best way to cook raw pork sausages?
glass jars and bottles
Apple pressing
Freezing Runner Beans.
Courgette Gratin.
nice find
Hob only cooking
Haloumi & Courgette Burgers
Strawberry Jam - that sets every time
A cucumber glut?
selling Spotty Dog Cider at Liskeard Show
Penne con salsiccia (pasta with sausage sauce)
Ropa Viejo
pickled beetroot/onion recipe?
wood pigeon and squirrel?
oops ,strawberry white port
Cider selling success
Elderflower champagne help needed
Strawberry Glut
What is cider ?
Hard cheesemaking
Coconut Flour Pancakes
Rice cooker with timer?
vintage glass carboy help
explosive cider
Snowball-bread help please?
Food Hygiene certificate
Best Muesli Base?
marinaded mussels (one portion)
Bakers and Bakeries.
Caesar salad dressing recipe
Iron Fish
Pork leg joint cured in red wine help
Using coconut oil to replace butter in a biscuit recipe
over salty chilli vodka
Steamed puds in pressure cooker
Portion size - cous cous
Butchery Course.
Different fruit combinations for jam?
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