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Energy Efficiency and Construction/Major Projects
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EV and short journeys
how not to part x
41 tunnelers blinking in the sun
reduce evaporation and harvest leccy
old stuff new menders
insulating floors
thatcher's supplies from coppice woodland
Micro wind turbine
heat pumps again
Long range EVs
High current solar charge controllers
blocking e vehicle infrastructure
UK Electrical Energy Consumption & Generation
air to air heat pumps work
solar panel to charge cordless power tools
Why not have devices with a solar mode?
Earthship Homes
water supply, here will do
Solar panels for tenants?
Solar panels
grabbed by the tabloids
what is the heating solution for an old house
leccy again
wow architecture, what wow is debatable
tidy use of timber
tyres ,wow
Bi fold fire door
oh dear
PV panels on barn
cleaning PV panels
charcoal in cuba
wasp style or AC(both sorts)
reclaim the hills
new nukes
Energy via elements
Replacing the shed roof.
Ground Source Heat Pumps...are they worth it?
pump storage, low volume high density
A different kind of landscaping project needed.
sustainable? it has lasted a while
Greenhouse base wall
Gas fired turbines
Decking replacement.
Landscaping project
trebuchet to space?
Problem Radiator
Electric Lorry
Nickel Batteries.
Anybody know about inverters?
Joined Up Thinking by HMRC
Solar panels.
Gove,coal and wood
it is getting windy
major project,coal drops yard
Any exprience with selling a house with solar panel lease?
Garden steps
Building With Hempcrete
Heat powered stove fan
Oil fired central heating and hot water
Wood burner wanted?
Instal a wood burner into a fireplace, queries?
So 2040?
off grid power, modern times, for LLP
'Solar' Paint
jacking up a deck
Sealing a car port ceiling against the elements
Chicken house
Groud Fridge
Most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change
Securing half a garage
tesla get a bit nearer to mass scale clean energy.
LED bulb reccomendations?
Firewood processing...
Bathoom radiator issue
long term heat storage
Shared PV systems.
Help with energy use/provision please
Cheap Foriegn Imports?
Living on the Go?
Ground protection grids for car parks
Proven P32-2 15kw wind turbine on eBay.
One of them fans wot sits on a log burner.
Hot water options
Good, or not as good solar panels
Solar PV, Eco 7 query
Heating a small apartment
Somebody to draw up some plans wanted
Solar Expert wanted.
Water purification.
Zero Net Energy
Coal free Britain
Hot water for bath with no immersion tank?
Is this a crazy idea?
Wood burner flue out through wall?
What price solar?
New shed
Understanding a plumbing/heating system.
hinkley c
Finding an architect for some basic building designs
Straw Bale Building
Polystyrene bead wall insulation top up
Polytunnel ?
Fencing price
Fitting a higher capacity battery
Chilli Penguin Stoves - A Review
Flood defences and resilience.
Shell Shaped Windmills
Renewable energy - Scotland shows the way
infra red heating
Block and beam construction
Wilfully ignorant idiots.
I'd dismissed this one as a stupid idea...
Misleading promotions
Energy Balancing Incentives.
Huge tarpaulin (or similar) required
Externally insulating a single brick skin wall advice please
Onshore windfarms cheapest form of UK electricity
Small wood burner
Splitting kindling
Aluminium Windows, Any Recommendations, Costs Velfacs ?
West Dorset Open EcoHomes
Plastic or Aluminium guttering?
Loft insulation
Asbestos testing
Benefits of rooflights
Wind v Solar
Thornhill Eco wood-burning cooking range
Need a soil analysis
3 new nuke power stations
Solar Impulse
PC PSU efficiency.
Building with glass bottles.
100+ year old construction technique?
Mini Belle Cement Mixer
End Grain Flooring
washing machines
VAT rise on energy saving products
Woodburner air vents
wet stove/HETAS engineer Cheltenham/Glos ?
Slow or fast charge?
Grey water recycling
Water efficiency tip
Modified/stepped sine wave to pure sine wave converter?
Domestic Hydro-power.
local/domestic energy storage
Living Walls conference in London in July
Inverter in need of reset
Inverter in need of repair
Monitoring a power suppy
Battery vs petrol chainsaws
Solar generator / UPS / backup thingamy
nukes are safe
Blinking big heat pump
Efficient kettle usage.
Solar panel query
Tidal Lagoons.
Renewable Energy
Hybrid electric power
In need of some stove/boiler / off grid power advice please
Overnight Low
Anyone else been called about icynene?
Gas Combi Boiler Recommendations Please.
Bathroom ventilation
BBC environment 'Would you live in a straw house?'
Builder Recomendations - Derby Area?
Alternator or motor?
Wickes - service with a smile.
How to wrap a house in straw bales
Lohberger Pellt cookers
How much does getting a wall built cost roughly?
Smappee Electricity Monitor
A couple of questions about batteries...
DIY solar thermal?
Solar heated greenhouse anyone?
High temperature insulation.
Wamsler cookers
caravan living. :)
Soil pipe
Pumping gas...
nice snaps,rooms for improvement?
At last an upstairs shower! - question about insulation
wind and power
Replaced Cesspit and Reused for Rainwater Harvesting
Getting an Energy Audit Done (Work not Home)
Gravel driveway construction
Energy Competition...
USB Socket charger - good or bad?
The Victoria Line
Support Renewable Energy Co-op's
Convert corrugated grain silo to water tank
Woodworking bench DIY
Extend or start again?
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