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process matters etc
news from australia, timely reminder
Juniper Berries
not edible but....
good, but be careful out there
nettle tips
tis refractory season
45 seasons a shaman
ceps and other things
take care out there
happy story and a recipe
if we could, perfect forage dinner?
If only...
It's September
It's July
Rain Makes Mushrooms
It's Chanterelle Season
seed ID
Penny Buns/CEPS/Porcini
bullace season
Folks, Managed 6 lbs of sour cherries.....
Chestnuts: how and when to use them?
Agaricus xanthodermus not food
ceps awol ? not any more
birch boletes
Mushroom ID please
Harvest 2017
Dryad's saddle (pheasant's back) - worth eating?
Apps for foraging
Chinese Quince
New Forest Bans Mushroom Picking
weekend harvest
Any ideas what these fungi are?
Fill the Gap With Foraging
Shrooms at last!
field blewits/juniper
Fun-gi near York
Help with shrooms please
Foot Long Mussels
Razor clams?
i smell boiling squirrel
Mushroom ID Please
That almost ultimate Harry Potter moment.
Wild Garlic "Bulbs" ?
Please help with fungi identification
Not likely to be edible but Wow!!!
Bay bolete?
Seaweed ID guide?
Help with shroom ident please
tree fungi
TV stand
Price and quality imported mushrooms.
Agaricus langei ?scaley wood shroom?
Saffron Milkcap
Fungi everywhere
Native Persimmons
Help needed.
Late October Flush Porcini/Penny Buns
the blewits are here
Ouch. Spiky!
apple forage tool
First fungi foray Autumn 2014
Mushroom in Yorkshire - An Italian visitor!
Rose hip ripening
Fungi foray this Sunday the 14th
Commercial foraging
Is this puffball too old to eat?
Fungi Foray
Finally found a few...
it's an ill wind...
Chicken of the Woods
tonight's tea
Corylus colurna ,turkish hazel,cracking question?
Elders looking good
Need help identifying these mushrooms
bbc4 the magic of mushrooms
Foraging damage
bark chipping morels
Elderflower and Rose Petal Syrup
Elderflower Champagne
St George
Meadow Puffballs?
Cramp Ball / King Alfred's Cake - Poisonous?
three cornered leek
What's this then?
Spring Mushrooms
St George's mushroom
Ground elder - is it really edible?
Wild Garlic
Blewits in our garden?
Trumpet Chanterelle?
Parasol Mushroom ID please
Still loads out there
id tree fungus
too late for hazel?
Crab apples
Penny buns?
Sweet Chestnuts
Hedgerow berry madness
First forage this year
Foraging Documentary
Fungi Foray
If you go down to the woods today...
Lion's Manes and more in the new forest
Mushroom ID Please
Amazing foraging day
Giant Parasol
Falling fruit
Giant puffball
So many blackberries!
Boletes of unkown origin.
Wild watercress
Cooking with dried mushrooms
Giant puffball
Rowan berries are ripe.
A familiar foraging face...
Pleasant surprise
ID please
Soft fruit foraging
Wonderful Mushroom Finding Day
Fuchsia berries - what to do with them
Cinnabar ID Please?
Bumper crop due?
Help with shroom ID Please
Blushers and Burners???
ID wild plant please?
mushroom ID
Chicken of the woods
Sweet Woodruff
St George's Mushrooms
A question about Alexanders
Nettle Celebration, North London, Sat 18 May 2013
Mushroom ID Please
first mushrooms of the year
A short questionnaire on foraging for my dissertation
Wood Blewits still around
Whats going in the winter basket?
please help me to ID mushroom?
Mushroom ID help please
Late season shrooms
mushroom id
Video and mushroom ident...
a little variety
cauliflower fungus
funky fungi
mushroom season
hawthorn berries smell terrible!
BIG cep
funnel caps[clitocybe geotropa]
todays little lot
seaweed question
little fry-up
Beefsteak Fungus
Mystery fungi
help with a handful of ID's from todays walk.
Wartime rosehip syrup.
clouded agaric?
this mornings pictures of fungi
Just found
Mushroom ID - arable field
any lepidopterists about
very little about
north norfolk marshes
Giant puffball?
A day apple picking.
What can I expect to find foraging this time of year?
Elderberries and Blackberries
at last......... ceps
Marsh Samphire - Where can I find Dorset, Devon or Cornwall
breakfast tomorrow
Slippery Jack/Suillus
Autumn Forage and Outdoor Cooking Course - 15th Sept 2012
wild damsons in mid wales
Weeping bolete? 'shroom help pls
yesterdays haul
looking for ceps
Like FRC but habitat all wrong
Chicken of the Trees
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