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PostPosted: Tue Jul 19, 05 10:49 am    Post subject: Discounted Herbs and Spices  Reply with quote    

Inspired by Wellington Wombles Vanilla Pods thread, I'd like to offer the following through our www.saltpepper.co.uk site.

We've just expanded our range to include a range of Herbs and Spices, around half of which are Organic. You can see them at the link below. What it does mean is that we can now buy in bulk, and can offer cheap herbs and spices to our Downsizer friends. I think we should be able to offer in the region of 30% off, which is the equivalent of what we are selling wholesale. Unfortunately, this can't include the Saffron (1.20g) on special offer this month which we are already doing at cost, or the Salt and Pepper Mills where the postage is subsidised by the price.

There's going to be a balance here between offering something for nothing ('cus we can't and its our sole source of income (blimey, how did that happen?!))...and making it attractive for downsizers too. We charge a flat rate of 2.50 for postage and packing so if you just want a pack of Whole Star Anise, then its probably no good for you. But if you wanted a few things, we think it might work.

To limit it to Downsizer members only, I've set up a Downsizer Discount Coupon. Message me here and I'll email it to you. Any comments and queries let me know too.

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