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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 22 March 2009 18:15

UpFront keymaps

These were updated on February 26th 1999. The change is to remove "E>" from the terminal "is" strings. This escape sequence resets the terminal keypad to numeric mode which is rather annoying. Versions of UpFront earlier than 1.90g2 used to incorrectly ignore this escape sequence. It is recommend that you either install the new termcap.upf or update your own.

A further update has been made on March 8th 2000 to reinstate the "ke" and "ks" settings in gui terminal definitions such as uf220cgb. These setting used to contribute to problems with keeping the numeric keypad in the correct state when switching between GUI and terminal mode. This shoud no longer happen and importantly applications such as "isql" will now have the cursor key mode set correctly.

We have on 20th Sep 2000, remapped the "editor" mapping away from controlV to controlZ because it overrode the standard windows keyboard shortcut for pasting into fields. The effects the *.map files on the host computer.